Image by Vincent Luk

Dave actively promotes ROM Collection and Research expeditions by arranging onsite communications support. Graduates of the Environmental Visual Communication (EVC) Program receive the opportunity to experience and capture wildlife research in person through a range of multimedia tools. Learning lessons are then shared with the public through blog posts, Google Hangout sessions, ROM Magazine articles, and content shared through social media. 

Header image by Vincent Luk


In 2015, Burton Lim (ROM Assistant Curator of Mammalogy) traveled to Sri Lanka with a dedicated ROM Biodiversity team for a month-long research trip to complete the first survey of small mammals since 1935. Dave organized a Communications team who documented the research process, and kept the public updated regularly through social media, blog posts, Google Hangouts, and a video of the expedition. 



9 ROM scientists traveled to Mulu Mountainin 2013 with the goal of documenting and discovering new life. The ROM has been working with Borneo since 1991, and the new addition of a Biodiversity Communication team has allowed findings to be shared with the public. Comprehensive blog posts filled with imagery sparked attention online, leading to increased media coverage and general awareness of research activities.