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With over 20 years of experience teaching, developing innovative programs, and working in conservation biology, Dave Ireland has an uncanny ability to empower through knowledge and inspire action.

Dave is currently living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and is working with Atlantic Canada's top ocean conservation organizations, scientists, and environmental campaigners, to help safeguard our marine resources and places for future generations.

2014 ECO-Award Winner

Presented by the Environmental Studies Association of Canada

This prestigious national award recognizes individuals or organizations who have positively contributed to the field of environmental studies in Canada through effective community-building and research. 

The public will not support what they don’t understand
— Dave Ireland

Listen to Dave's appearance on ROMcast: The Uncatalogued Stories, where he discusses climate change, the success of bio blitzes, and how you can get involved in the environment around you.


ontario BioBlitz

Founded and chaired by Dave Ireland, the Ontario BioBlitz Program is a partnership between the Royal Ontario Museum, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Toronto Zoo, Canadian Wildlife Federation, and others. A BioBlitz is a community event that brings taxonomic experts, citizen scientists, and the public together to survey all species (plants, animals, fungi, etc.) in a chosen location. 

Images (left to right): Jeff Dickie; Danielle Bengall; Aisha Parkill-Goyette; Brennan Caverhill


Dave has been an active part of the Blue Whale project since 2014, facilitating key partnerships and working with students to communicate the rare story to the public through video, photography, and blogs. The project will come to life in 2017 with the major ROM exhibition Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story.

Images (left to right, top to bottom): Vincent Luk; Richard Sears; Jacqueline Waters; Jacqueline Waters; Fatima Ali; Jacqueline Waters; Sally McIntyre; Nicole Richards

EVC Program

Dave co-founded the Environmental Visual Communication Program in 2012 at the ROM through a partnership with the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences at Fleming College. A truly unique program dedicated to building the next generation of science storytellers, it teaches students how to develop strategies to educate, garner engagement, and create campaigns to address conservation issues. 

Images (left to right): David Coulson; Brett Forsyth; Avery DeAbreu; Stacey Kerr


Find out more about Dave, his insatiable curiosity, and the 20 years of experience that have made him a highly sought-after speaker and educator. 


Whether you are a fellow professional working in biodiversity, a student, or simply interested in how you can make more of a difference - let's chat!